Pablo Velasco Captures Oregon’s Stunning Landscapes

An immersive exhibition featuring photographs by Pablo Velasco is now on view in PDX’s PACR Rental Car Lobby. Titled “Convergence”, this exhibition embodies Velasco’s pursuit of new experiences, a deep appreciation for the natural world, and love for the technical process of photography.

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Velasco spent his early 20s working as a mechanic in the remote pampas of Argentina where his passion for vast and wild landscapes was ignited. With his background in mechanics, Velasco was drawn to photography for the technical machinations involved in the practice as well as the medium’s ability to capture scenes around him.

Pablo Velasco, Vista House at Crown Point
Historic Columbia River Hwy, Corbett OR

“As a former mechanic, I developed a deep appreciation for the camera as a sophisticated piece of machinery and recognized its vast potential. Mastering its technical intricacies unlocked a new language through which I could express appreciation for the world around me.

Pablo Velasco, Painted Hills
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Mitchell, OR

In addition to his photography practice, Velasco is a senior instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) which has opened up further opportunities for the artist to explore wilderness areas of Patagonia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, India, Nepal, and the United States. Velasco has called Oregon his home since 2006 and Convergence conveys his love for the State and its natural beauty.

Photography is the perfect complement to my love for travel and the natural world, and the ecological diversity of Oregon distinguishes it as a particular paradise for a nature photographer. Displayed here are some of the more iconic landmarks and images of Oregon. I hope you enjoy them and your time in this beautiful state as well!

Pablo Velasco, Peter Iredale’s Shipwreck
Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond, OR

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