Deb Stoner photographs added to the Port’s Permanent Art Collection

The Port of Portland’s Permanent Art Collection greatly contributes to the pleasing ambiance of PDX. In two and three-dimensional form, the Port’s collection captures the collective memory and history of our region. Artists’ impressions and skilled craft convey the values and spirit of the Pacific Northwest to visitors and locals alike.

The permanent art collection includes work by renowned artists such as Louis Bunce, Jack Portland, Deborah Butterfield, and notable others on display at Portland International Airport as well as in the Port of Portland Headquarters.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, the Port is very grateful for the most recent acquisition in our permanent collection from Portland artist Deb Stoner. Stoner very generously donated twelve stunning large-scale color photographs from her series A Year in the Willamette Valley after her exhibition with the PDX Art Program ended this past summer.

Deb Stoner, Dark Winter, 2016

Deb Stoner’s exceptional fine art photography process involves growing and collecting indigenous plants, flora, and insect specimens. Stoner carefully and thoughtfully choreographs her still life images from the natural world surrounding her home in Oak Grove, Oregon. Her series titled A Year in the Willamette Valley depicts the changing seasons of regional plant and insect life, from dark winter through emerging spring, to summer harvest and autumn leaves of the Pacific Northwest.