Expansive Oregon Film History Mural + Movie Poster Exhibit in PDX’s South Pedestrian Tunnel

The exciting new #OregonMade Film History and Poster Exhibit is now on view in Portland International Airport’s South Pedestrian Tunnel which connects PDX’s parking garage to the terminal. Providing travelers with over 160 uninterrupted feet of colorful mural art, iconic movie posters, and Oregon landscapes, this informative mural represents a carefully curated collection of Oregon’s extremely rich film history for all to enjoy.

Created by The Oregon Made Creative Foundation and their partners in collaboration with the PDX Art Program, the South Tunnel mural aptly celebrates the unique and varied locations Oregon has to offer, the film projects that have called Oregon home for over 100 years, and the professional production communities that successfully partner together to make Oregon so film-friendly.

Since 1909, Oregon has hosted over 450 different films and shows, all of which have utilized the state’s iconic backdrops, from the early silent-era film such as The Fisherman’s Bride – shot in Astoria, to more recent television successful television series like Grimm and Portlandia.

A playful interpretation of Oregon’s seven beloved geographic areas was masterfully designed by Portland’s Darren Cools. Illustrating the Oregon Coast, greater Portland metro region, Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge, Central, Eastern, Willamette Valley and Southern Oregon, the grand floor to ceiling height mural cleverly indicates the various locations in which these excellent projects have all filmed over the last 50 years.

The poster exhibition currently highlights 21 acclaimed #OregonMade productions, each labeled with a locations list and dates filmed.

Why An Exhibit?

Every year, filming locations across Oregon draw many film and television fans from near and far, creating a boom in tourism and fostering pride and ownership of the #OregonMade community and brand. This exhibition has the potential to be viewed by millions of travelers annually, some already familiar with the filming locations and #OregonMade shows, and many others who will enjoy the opportunity to simply learn more. The mural and exhibit provide impactful visual interest to PDX’s South Pedestrian Tunnel and will serve to educate and encourage Oregon to boldly continue forth as a versatile destination for film production, tourism, and resident Oregonians.

This exhibition was realized through generous funding provided by The Oregon Made Creative Foundation and the following business partners:

Travel Oregon – The Oregon Tourism Commission, (dba Travel Oregon), works to enhance visitors’ experiences by providing information, resources and trip planning tools that inspire travel and consistently convey the exceptional quality of Oregon. The commission aims to improve Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening the economic impacts of the state’s $11.8 billion tourism industry that employs more than 112,000 Oregonians. Visit Industry.TravelOregon.com to learn more.

Travel Portland– Travel Portland believes in the transformative effects of both travel and Filmmaking. We support our region’s economy by marketing the Portland area as a preferred destination for conventions and leisure travel. And we celebrate the Films that bring Portland stories to the world — and jobs to the local creative community.

And also through the generosity of additional community member partners: Pacific Grip & Lighting Inc., Cast Iron Studios, PDXpendables, Koerner Camera Systems, BLT Productions, and Hollywood Theatre.

Talented Illustrator and Designer Darren Cools designed the incredible mural for this exhibition in collaboration with Oregon Film. Darren has been drawing and designing for a living since 2008. His independent client work includes Oregon Film, Adidas, Daimler Trucks, and Portland Metro, as well as many other small businesses. He is currently the Creative Director for a large non-profit, and likes to write in his spare time. Darren lives in St. Johns in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, three children and one cat. Darren loves to ride bicycles, run, swim, talk around campfires, and spends a lot of time reading books. www.darrencools.com